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One Creative Moment at a Time.

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

I'm standing on a loading dock. I'm looking out into the chaos of a busy fishing port. We're in the midst of a frantic two month lobster season. Fork lifts whiz by. Construction crews measure, drill, and hammer away at a harbour renewal project. Most of the scenic beauty is blocked by white van trailers and wooden stakes piled in tall green stacks beside massive yellow machines. As a fuel truck navigates the maze, I catch a glimpse of a seabird floating above...completely oblivious to the clamour below.

I'm sometimes overwhelmed with the sheer volume of competing voices vying for my attention. I've dedicated myself to the pursuit of creativity. I believe God has put me on this small blue planet to express the sheer joy of existence with whatever tools I find.

But how can I fulfill my purpose when the lawn needs three year old is pouring milk on the hardwood floor...and my day job requires hours of attention to details that are diametrically opposed to imagination? As the sage philosopher, Mike Tyson once said: “Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth.” *

When the sheer busy-ness of life threatens to swallow our every precious moment, we need to stop and breathe. Just breathe and take a step each day. There may not be time to dive deeply into the creative ocean, but at least stick a toe in every day. I am determined to build this artistic house one creative moment at a time. Today, I'm writing this vlog as I wait for a forklift. This evening I hope to draw a poster board picture of trains with my son. Maybe I'll have a chance to film the sunset or an eagle. Maybe I won't. But today is another creative moment that is building toward a life meaningfully spent.

(* This Mike Tyson quote was found on

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