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Could the release of the 90D be imminent?

The elusive Canon 90D may finally become a reality in about two weeks, if the latest online info is to be believed. Japanese website, “Nokishita” expected the release date for the new camera to be on or near August 29, 2019. posted specifications, but qualified their article by stating that the information could not be verified. Nevertheless, we'll look at a few of the key specs they mentioned: 32.5 megapixel, APS-C, DPAF, sensor Dual Digic 8 processors Dual SD card slots Rear Articulating LCD viewscreen 10fps stills shooting 4K video from 24, 30 and 60fps

If these specifications are accurate, it should be a pretty good upgrade from the 80D. I, personally, own the 60D, which is an earlier version of this camera. It's been a real workhorse for me. I traveled with it to China on multiple occasions and found it to be a quality backup to my 5D mkii. Over the last few years, I've almost upgraded to the 70D, but didn't. I came even closer to buying the 80D, because it had a few really nice features like built in timelapse and 60 fps in FHD. But, again, I did not upgrade. I was waiting for 4K. I wasted a lot of time watching youtube videos about when the 90D was likely to be released and what the future specs would look like. I came to the point that I just had to tell myself to: “...stop thinking about a new camera and use the equipment you own!”

I have this problem from time to time. I've heard it called “GAS” or “gear acquisition syndrome.” Photographers / videographers / vloggers / people have problems with GAS. I eventually couldn't wait for the legendary 90D to be released like a unicorn from the magic forest. Instead, I continued to work with my cameras and eventually purchased the Canon m100. I settled on that particular camera because it was the cheapest Canon, at the time, to include Dual Pixel Autofocus. Also, it incorporated the same sensor as the 80D, in a much smaller mirrorless body.

So, if the rumors come true in late August, 2019, how will I respond? In the past, I'd have been hovering my mouse above the buy button on one of my favorite camera websites...but not this time. This time, I'll be waiting. I don't have any immediate need for a camera upgrade. I'll concentrate on making better images with the gear I have, rather than lusting over the equipment I don't have. Nevertheless, its safe to say I'll be watching the reviews very carefully.

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