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I'm Still Here...

Don't look down.
Don't look down.

When I started this website, I had no idea what kind of commitment I was making. Yes, I knew it would be work, but not this much. In retrospect, it might have been a mistake to attempt a pic of the day feature. Sure, I enjoy the challenge, but it takes away time and resources that are needed in other areas, such as the blog and vlog sections. The photo feature does provide daily promotion for my photography and the website. It, also, pushes my creative muscles as I have to come up with a new image to share every single day. How do people do daily vlogs? I'll probably find out soon enough. I think a daily vlog may be the only way to breathe fresh life into this project.

When I began my website, I believed that the combined weight of social media, my art, photography, videography, along with, a new album of music would all gel together to gain viewers over the course of time. I truly believed that it was just a matter to time before I'd be seen by enough people. Eventually, the media snowball would gather momentum as it rolled down the hill of successive creative uploads. It didn't happen. To be fair, I had reason to be optimistic. In the beginning of my social media work, my videos on facebook were gaining hundreds and even thousands of views per video. I believed I had a solid foundation.

At that point, I decided to launch a YouTube channel. My YouTube channel revealed one of two things. Either I wasn't getting engaged views on facebook or people just weren't interested enough to make the jump from facebook to YouTube. It was a huge disappointment for me. I had my views drop from hundreds to tens and sometimes less.

Worse still, my music which I had painstakingly developed for months, had virtually no effect on views whatsoever. I was stunned to see the analytics on my music videos that I released on YouTube. Most viewers didn't make it past the halfway mark of my songs before clicking away. I developed a sinking feeling in my stomach. I'd been here before. I recalled the release of my 3d web series from 2015 that had been a dramatic failure. I'm still embarrassed with my production and release of that.

Nevertheless, I'm still here... I'm not going away. I could call it quits and try a new direction. But, regardless of what I do, the internet and social media are such integral parts of our lives that I must find a way to master them. I need to figure this thing out. I'm still here... I can make the course corrections that are necessary to get to my destination. My plan is flexible so that my end goal is not. I'm here to impact the lives of others in a positive way. I may have to change my daily/ weekly /monthly course so that I'm able to make the impact. I'm still here... I'm not going away.

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