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music and lyrics by James M. MacKay


The sun returning warms the day

As the moon fades with the dawn

The song birds' harmony on high

To the Giver of this newborn sky

Proclaim their songs of joy

Proclaim their songs of joy


The field grass swaying to and fro

As if to join the dance

That the playful autumn leaves began

animated by an unseen hand

That glides without a trace

Swirling into space


And you ask me how I know

How can I be sure

The proof is everywhere

It's close to me and you


Salt spray breezes chill my skin

Their waves churn gray and white

As they rush against the cold red sand

Relentless is their loud demand

A voice that must be heard

Their message must be heard


We'd proclaim our gratitude

But there just aren't the words

To describe such beauty we have seen

In this universe we're witnessing

What everyone can hear

Lord we know you're near


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